what a shocker! i haven’t covered this band yet, anywho cult ritual from tampa, florida play some ferocious, groove-induced hardcore. think black flag if they turned up the noise. i feel like this band ushered in a new wave of hardcore, and since their formation in 2006 things in hardcore have been progressively been getting better. i also feel like (don’t be afraid to tell me i’m wrong) we’re at a high point in hardcore and have been since 2009. it’s not the early 80s, but fuck, it’s OUR early 80s. this song is called “ugly years” and it comes from their cult ritual lp, which i consider a modern classic. if you have no idea what’s going on in contemporary hardcore, then here’s a good start. google this album and download it, because you probably won’t ever be able to find this record for a moderate price.